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Razor cuts and curly layered hairstyles with tons of movement, and clipper cuts.


Licensed and certified in hair design and aesthetics by the Oregon Health Licensing Agency, Board of Cosmetology. Kristin enjoys all types of haircraftery.  She especially enjoys razor cuts and curly layered hairstyles with tons of movement, and clipper cuts. Her goal is to practice her craft with precision, creativity and integrity, and more than anything, she would love to help you have the hair that feels most you.

Graduated from: Springfield College of Beauty.


Kristin enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  She enjoys all manner of crafting and bedazzlement and sometimes adorns her hair with glitter or small multi-colored gems.  She enjoys a good bourbon, delicious vittles and the blues.  She is on a lifelong hair adventure and has a nicely-shaped head.

What You Didn't Know About Kristin

Kristin has a bachelor’s degree in French and minored in Russian in college.  She is woefully out of practice and pretty shy about
speaking either one, but probably could in a pinch.

Favorite Quote

“Yeah, well, you know … that’s just like, your opinion, Man.” - The Dude, “The Big Lebowski"


Kristin enjoys customizing Monster High dolls.  She removes their hair and gives them rad new hair made of craft lace, beads, sequins, or whatever shiny material captures her fancy.  She also reads things, sews, and lures cats to her in hopes of petting


Kristin's family consists of her lovely husband of 15 years, her spirited 10-year-old son, and two sister kitties: Mrs. Nettlesquash and Wingdings.

Secret Vice

"It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s disturbing how many tacos I can ingest! "