Hair color is permanent color, demi-permanent color, semi-perment color, or temporary color. Permanent
hair color molecules last in the hair until the hair that has been colored is cut off. Some fading of permanent
hair color can occur over time. Demi-permanent hair color will fade over a 6 to 10 week period.
Semi-permanent hair color will last approximately 6 shampoos. Temporary color lasts until the next shampoo.
Xtreme Fashion Color
Xtreme Color is a bright unnatural shade of hair color. This type of color washes
out of hair over 6 to 10 weeks. Xtreme shades available yellow, orange, red,
fuchsia, violet, blue, and green. To create a true shade hair must be lightened to
pale yellow before it can be colored. Show your true sense of fashion and
adventure with amazing hues. Add a spot of color or go bold with your whole
head, attitude not include.
Full head, partial weaves with foil high-lights, low-lights, or adding color
through-out the hair. Demi-permanent or permanent hair color can be used with
this type of color service.
A color weave will change the overall appearance of hair color. A color weave
can be used to add volume and depth to any hairstyle. Can be changed
POW, BANG, BOOM no it isn't an onomatopoeia festival it is some highlights,
lowlights and streaking. Adding Streaks of color to the hair. Streaking can be
demi-permanent, permanent, or semi-permanent hair color. Streaking is not a
natural look. It adds large strips of color to the hair. Streaking can add bold
colors, blondes, or darks to the hair. Streaking can be added to all over color to
create streaks of color to the fringe or crown of head.
Radical Reds
Bring out the feisty fiery spirit in your hair with radical red tones. The full range of
red colors; auburns, coppers, violet reds, true red, mahogany, intense oranges,
plums, ruby red, champagne blonde and strawberry blonds. When you are
looking for a natural red or an bold radical red the fact remains the same, red is
fun, but maintaining red isn't.
Does the blonde have more fun? From dark blonde to platinum and all the
blondes in between we have you covered. Blondes range: from light to dark and
vary in shade by lightest pale blonde, honey, golden, platinum, strawberry,
hazelnut, ash and beige blonde. Blonde may be acquired by permanent color,  
high lift tints, or by decolorization powder.
color correction before
Before and After
A collection of before and after images with color. Create your own make-over
reality show with our help. Images consist of color corrections, color to virgin hair
or total color renewals. See for yourself how a change in color can alter the
appearance of a person, or better yet schedule an appointment and we can
make it happen for you.
Color Correction
The art of color correction is used to take a disaster color job and change it into
a portrait of perfection. We have trained color specialists that can change over
colored, over processed, unwanted, or undesired previously colored hair for
something new and fresh. Corrective color can take multiple processes and
days to achieve the desired results.
Bookish beauty, browns are gorgeous. Warm brown, golden brown, reddish
brown, cool brown, so many options and all the time to have each one. Heck,
have a couple of different shades of brown in your hair, brunettes can have it any
way and never be boring. Streaks of brown shades can be added to blondes
and red heads to add depth and dimension. Adding shades of brown to your
hair can also take years of your looks.