What Color Can Do for You

Color affects the way you look, feel, and act. We associate color with images or ideas; for example, red with hot or feisty, blue with calming or tranquil. When we wear colors they can complement us or create an image we are trying to portray, whether that is with the colors of the clothes we wear, makeup we use, or the hair color we have. Color theory is an important aspect of what hairstylist do, making sure the colors we use complement you; your skin tone, the clothes you wear and the style of your haircut.

The Law of Color is a system for understanding color. All colors are made up from three primary colors; red, blue and yellow. Using color in the painting of walls, canvas or hair follows the same law of color. The three primary colors when mixed will always give you the same result from the same combination. Using equal amounts of two of the three primary colors will give you secondary colors; orange, violet, green. These underlying colors are found in the hair, eyes and skin. FYI- Color reflects color, mixing colors will also cancel out reflections or tone down color.

1. Cool colors have a touch of blue in them

2. Warm colors have a touch of yellow or red in them.

Spring and Autumn are considered the warm seasons. The spring person looks best in clear, warm colors with a feeling of brightness, freshness, and clarity. The autumn person should wear rich warm earthen colors with gold. Summer and Winter are considered the cool seasons. The summer person looks best in cool soft muted colors and tints of sea and sky tones. The winter person shines in vivid primary colors, cool, icy tones and sharp contrasting black and white.

The most important rule with color: choose hair colors that complement you the most.

Make-Up is another way in which color can enhance your positive attributes. For example, the spring and autumn person has more yellowish undertone to the skin, while the summer or winter person has more underlying blue tones. Some clients have been amazed at the difference the right color can make in their appearance.

Remember, color plays an important part in how you look. It is well worth the time to step back and think about what colors are right for you.

Photo found at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/442478732113385135/

Photo found at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/442478732113385135/